Holiday is a wonderful time for meeting other cultures , improving relations with family , friends and having fun . First of all , on holiday you can going abroad . E.g the Pyramids , Eifel tower and a lot of other . Do sightseeing . Besides you can meet new friends , to deal with people from another cultures . Moreover you improve your language skills . Next , when you are on your holiday you have a lot of free time . So , you can spend more time with your family . We can go near the sea in Palanga or in Nida . You must treasure your time with family , it is memorable moments . If you are tired you can enjoy peace and quite . E.g. read a book or take a walk . Finally , if you like sports , you can play outdoor activities such as basketball , football and other . Also you can liven up your holiday with these extraordinary attractions : parachuting , bungee jumping , surfing and a lot of more . Holiday is a wonderful time , when you can meet other cultures , improve relations with family , friends and also have fun . In my opinion , holiday is best time in all year .