Health and Bodycare

Helth and Bodycare

The old Latin saying goes: “A sound mind in a soun body”. So if you want to feel harmony you should take care of your health and soul.
Ther are some rules in order to stay healthy. Nowadays smoking spreads widely and even becomes a sign of popularity. But it may cause such diseases as lung cancer. Ther are some organisations wich fijt against smoking especially at schools. Too much alcohol can also damage the liver and contribute to soome cancers, such as throat and liver cancer. Using alcohol regularly it become a disease. A lot of children suffer from alcohol parents. Heart disease, some cancers, stroke, diabetes and damage to your arteries can be linked to what you eat. At present it is very popular to stick to a diet. In my opinion, diet is not the best way to regulate your weight. Of course, active life and sport helps to get rid of overweight. It is very immportant to get enough sleep each night and to learn to handle or reduce the stress in life especially nowadays. Pupils must have a rest and use various vitamins. Growing organism demands of fresh air, healthy food and break off. Th

here is nothing more unpleasant than being taken ill. Mysterious infections are very dangerous. Lots of them are mortal. Of course, very often we get less difficult diseases such as flue, headache, indigestion or insomnia. In spite of this, a doctor must examine a patient and prescribe remedies. In my opinion, all patients should follow the doctor’s instructions, if they don’t want to be hospitalized. As for me, hospitals are the worst and the most fearful thing. We must take care of our health: consult with a doctor and have a full medical examination regularly. Otherwise, waiting for your turn to a doctor in long queues tires very much. Our government makes a lot of reforms but they are not suuccessful. Maybe in future we will be able to have the best-qualified help and more rights than now.
In my opinion, health is the biggest rich in our life and we should value it much more nowadays. There are a lot of fatal diseases, which are incurable. I would like to protect mortal patients from agony and to help their families.

1. What are the main rules of healthy life?
2. Why must we get enough vitamins and minerals with our food?
3. When do people most of

ften fall ill with flue?
4. How does one feel when he or she is ill with flue?
5. Can you think of any good ways of keeping heart in good condition?
6. Who is your doctor?
7. Headache is very frequent among adults, isn’t it?
8. Which disease is the most painful?
9. Would you like to study medicine?
10. Where do you get well quicker: in hospital or at home?

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