good healths

What should we do in order to stay in good health? What is your way of life like? And what would you like to change about it?

Good health is better than the best medicine, and if your health is good, you are always in a good mood. Taking medicines is not a pleasant thing and if we want to avoid it, we should take care of bodies and ourselves.
One can keep fit in several ways. All scientists acknowledge thhat sport is very healthy and may be one of the ways to take the stress off, which is the reason of almost all diseases. Physical exercise is necessary and very important. If the person doesn’t take exercise, he can easily catch an illness. If you do daily exercises, you will feel refreshed and fit. What is more, the food we eat should contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Only they create strong immunity from viruses. If we eat unsuitable foood, we can easily soon loose our immunity and become constant patients of doctors. Another advice to be healthy is to sleep 8 hours per day and not less. Sleep is essential to our healthy. Research suggests that it can strengthen th

he immune system and rejuvenate the skin. Also, sleeping could solve such problems as headache, bad mood, etc.
So, I have mentioned only three methods how to keep you fit. Surely, there are lots of other, for instance, doing yoga, breathing exercises, sticking to a diet of blood groups, etc. Every person chooses the most suitable for his self. Speaking about myself, I try to keep all that main three methods of life I was speaking before. Only one of them is not going so well as I want. I have a problem of sleeping. I often feel I have overworked and then it is very difficult to sleep. Usually I solve this problem trying a warm bath with relaxing herbal esssence or drinking a cup of camomile tea with a piece of wholemeal bread before I go to sleep. It really helps better than counting sheep. What would I like to change about my way of life? I’d like to avoid all that unhealthy food, I mean cookies, cakes, ice – cream, fast food, but they always look so delicious, so, it is quite hard to resist, to have more time to do sport and sleep more hours.
In conclusion, if you wa
ant to keep fit, my advice is that you will have to follow all that three main methods of healthcare I talked earlier, to smile more and try to communicate with more people. It really helps! I can assure you!!

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