good and bad points of being rich and famous

Have you ever wondered of being rich and famous? Of course you have. All of us want to have lots of money and to be well known not only in Lithuania but even abroad. But have you ever considered not only good points of being rich and famous?

Firs of all, people who have a lot of money can live luxuriously, without any problems of material things. Modern automobiles, fancy clothes, and impressive palace – everyone dreams about that.

What is more, whhen people speak about you, newspapers write about you and television shows you – what can be more delightful?

On the other hand, to be high on social scale can be very tiring and irritating. Those persons do not have any private life. All the time they have to hide the delicate details of life from journalists.

Furthermore, they always have to behave right and keep away from scandals.

All in all, I strongly believe that everything should be proportional in our lives, soo the best thing is to have enough money and to be a little famous.

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