Good and bad points of being rich and famous

There are just a little group of people who names themselves rich and famous. Looking through avarage peoples’ eyes there are more people who are rich and famous. I think being famous and rich has both good and bad points.
Firstly, being rich is really wonderful thing. If you are wealthy you don’t need to worry about money. You do not need to worry when will you get it and you can buy everything what you want. Moreover, when you are faamous and rich peaple around you respects and listens to you more than a people from the same caste. Apart that when you are famous you can get lots of things and services for free. Owners of those things and services wich you buy or use think when you use their products or services about advertisements. If i were owner of that thing I would by proud that someone who is famous uses my product or services and it would bee like commersial.
However, there are not only possitive view. As in many other things there are and negative.Main disadvantage is you do not have your private life when you are famous. ou ar spyed in all steps of life. People wa

ant to know all things about you and if you behaved differently from avarage people you are critisized. Moreover, there are bad people who are against. They can kidnap your children. If you do not have children they can kidnap your closest person. Famous people always get threatening letters. Thirdly, when you are rich and famous you have to limit your freedom.
In my opinion it is better to be normal than famous and rich. When you are rich you are famous, when you are famous you are rich. These two adjectives goes together and in my opininion they will be together for ages.

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