Generation Gap

Hello! My name is Karolina. While presenting my topic, I’m going to concentrate myself on the motion “Generation Gap”.
In my speech, I’ll try to cover the following points: the most common behavior of parents; the unusual manners of adults and finally, I’ll express my personal opinion how I imagine an ideal parent.
To begin with, I’d like to say some words about the behavior of parents which is typical to the majority of adults who grow up kids. To my mind, a common parent, as a rule, pays more attention to the material side of life than to the spiritual and emotional one. He or she works, earns money and tries to make more or less acceptable material comfort for his or her kids. All that is connected with buying food, clothes and other necessary things for every day’s life. Naturally, a parent expects his or her kid to be thankful for all that. Still, the material comfort is not enough to o establish and keep good emotion atmosphere at home. In other words, a parent should also try to become a real friend for his or her kids. That is, he or she should try to find a “golden” middle between be

eing strict and democratic. Well, if a parent is too strict, a kid feels no warm at home and hardly becomes an independent personality. But, if a parent behaves in a too democratic way, usually a kid finds it difficult to be responsible, to understand what is right or wrong. All that proves how important is for a parent to be a good example for the kids.
Sometimes it appears that some parents start behaving like teenagers. To be more precise, they begin to wear expensive trainers and tiny shorts or they never stop talking about MTV, youth TV and all the latest films and so on. In short, they begin to behave and to appear like teenagers. In my opinion it t is awful!
Well, to continue my speech, let me express my thoughts how I imagine an ideal parent. To my mind, an ideal parent should understand his kid. How I mentioned in my speech, he or she should try to find a “golden” middle between being strict and democratic. Moreover, a parent must be himself.
And finally, I’d like to say that generation gap has been existing as long as all the man kind. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s rather hard to
o overcome various problems connected, with differences between generations. I mean, everything depends upon the good – willingness of both sides.

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