Gene revolution

Every plant animal and person consists of cells. Each of the is tiny but has its own even smaller world. In the heart of this world is a special code, which controls cell’s identity. Information about cell’s functions is in the cell’s genes.
There are about 100.00 of genes in a human being. Each of them is made of molecules. Scientists knew about genes for a long time but only recently discovered how to control them. Genetic engineers discovered what genes do which of them control growth eye colors intelligence and so on. But new even bigger project is underway. Scientists have started to decode human body’s genome.
When it is finished, we’ll have a full map of mankind’s genetic identity. It will help to cure many diseases. But it won’t stop there. Once we understand how genes work, we’ll have many new choices to make.
Possibilities like perfect babies concern many experts. Some say they will be a huge step into future some think the opposite.
In animal research, genetic control has already begum in the form of cloning.
Clones are identical copies. To make them scientists take all the genes out of single cell embryo and mix this empty cell with one from a more developed embryo. The two cells grow into embryo themselves. So, scientists can make lots of new clones.
Cloning is only one part of genetic engineering. It is also possible to transfer an individual gene from one cell to other. This is done by cutting and splicing and has amazing results. For example: scientists can create perfect animals that can give the best results.
Genetic engineering is a great question to discuss. Scientists and doctors would like cloning researches to go on. This can help to find out what causes cell’s mutation.
Religious people and humanists are against cloning people.
Personally, I give my vote for genetic researches and cloning but with one exception. Babies must be born in natural way, if it is impossible without any genetic modification.
Genetic engineering is a real revolution. Whether it is good or bad time will show. But one thing is certain it’s a revolution that is just beginning.