Friendship and relationship.

Friendship and relationship.We can’t imagine our life without friends without talking with them. The communication and friendship take a huge place in our life. It wouldn’t be a happy life without it. It would be just an existence and people like robots, it would be boring and absolutely uninteresting.

Nowadays communication is one of the most valuable skill. Because we live in the time when it is really important to express your own opinion, to say what you like or not, to share your ideas with others. A lot of jobs need this quality. So before the employment people have a conversation, so that director would see how sociable and intelligent you are. It is really important for searching a job nowadays. For example it is really important ability for politicians, journalists, people who work on TV or radio…

Also it is really important skill in our daily life because we communicate at home, at school and in other different places. In my mind to be communicative doesn’t mean just to talk and talk without sense, I think it means to be qualified in different areas so that you could to keep up the conversation with people of different level of knowledge and age. For example we have to talk with our friends in simple way without different extraordinary phrases, we can to say different jokes and funny stories, but with our teachers and other people like their we have to communicate in a formal style and during the speaking to show how intelligent and polite we are. It is really sad that there a lot of teenagers who have a really bad relationship with their parents and the don’t communicate with them. What about me I like to speak with my parents very much, they try to understand me and I try to understand them and we have a good relationship with each other.

In my mind the communication between friends take the biggest part of teenagers life. Almost everyone have his own group of friends. So and I have a best friend with whom I really like to talk. She is really sociable, clever and have a good sense of humor that is why I like her very much. She is always polite and interesting person. I am really glad that we have a lot of interests and topics for speaking in common. In my mind it is really important to have such as person with whom you could speak on different themes, share your ideas or say secretes. My friend always give me advices when I have some problems. If there is a little misunderstanding between us we try to make peace soon. I am really happy that I have such as good friend and I think that friendship and communication is really important in our life.