Firstly, I want to talk about different kinds of films. In the world are a lot of films: romantic, action , comedies and a lot of others tipes of the films.I am impressed by comedies. In comedies there are no pain, no death or tears, when we watch them we just relax and have a fun.

Moreover, I want to say that I don’t go to the cinema, because today we can see a lot of interesting films at home. I like to

o watch films in the Saturdays evenings, with friends and a cup of hot tea.

Though, nowadays films are translating in our native language, and a voice-over or subtitles, not translate some words very faithful from English into Lithuanian.

So, then the films are translating in other language it’s not good. Its just spoil a film.

To sum up, I want to tell you that watching films are most popular free time spending in whole world.