fashion models

Ladies and gentelmene, I am proud to present this year‘s autumn collection. Now you will see our new collection.

Lisy Krestor is our most famous and most successiful model in model agency. So she is presenting our collection.
She is wearing a lavender silk blouse and a blue jeans jacket fastened with gol buttons and with stick-up.on the jacket she is wearing a brown knitted sweater with elaborate hems and coloured flowers on it.On the sweater a model has a violet knitted sccarf with three round violet bubles on it.she is wearing white skirt with rickrack and a brown pasijonis(nzn kaip angliskai) under the skirt.she has a brown leather striped belt with a big metal buckle. And most beautiful clothe is white and brown dress.

Kris Story is wearing our auntumn collection.
He has a metal chain with a big metal cross.a man is wearing a black jumper with blue notes on the left jumper’s side.undre this he is wearing a white T-shirt wiith a grey note ”rock”.He is also wearing blue jeans, which are with 2 big pockets.there are 2 sandy stripes on them.The man also has a black leather belt with a big metal buckle.He has black trainers with white shoe laces and a

big shoe tung on his feet

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