face to face communication

Untitled Face to face communication There’re lot of countries in our world. Of course every country has it’s own businesses, and all of them are different, because every country has it’ s own customs and traditions. But there’s one thing, that each businessman should keep in mind and always use it. This thing is face-to-face communication. Face to face communication is when you’re socializing with people, who are in the same room. For example there’s a conference, where you can meeet lot of directors of different companies, with whom you should communicate and make this communication successful and interesting. For the success you need to know few things and now I’m going to tell them. First of all your speech should be fluent, correct and of course formaI. Your voice and the way you speak should be appropriate. And don’t forget you can’t be rude and dishonest. Without a doubt your behavior and manners are important too. Just imagine, if yoou come and say “Hi. How are you?” That’ll be misunderstood, because you’re likely to say “good morning. It’s a great pleasure to meet, or to see you”, this is the first thing, that has an influence on the first im

mpression. Also to make the first impression better, try to smile naturally, use eye contact and try to avoid smoking, drinking or eating in front of customers and clients. Before starting your speech about business, try to break the ice and make the atmosphere more friendly by a brief talk, but don’t forget, you can’t speak about .

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