Entertainment then and now

What is entertainment? Has entertainment changed over time? Throughout history many aspects of culture have changed dramatically. Our culture has entertained its self with many different forms of entertainment throughout time, but throughout time those forms of entertainment have not changed. Our society still enjoys the same forms of entertainment they always have. Now in our culture we use slightly altered variables of the same entertainment. Entertainment to the ancient Romans was watching men slaughter each other in mortal combat or sacrificing prisoners and slaves to lions and tigers. To this day you can still find blood in the sandy floor of the great Colosseum. Blood and violence were not the only forms of entertainment back then. The Roman nightlife was filled with parties consisting of orgies and great feasts, sometimes at the same time. Can you imagine what these parties must have been like? The guests would first engage in numerous sex acts. These sex acts included homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, beastiality and many more. After engaging in filthy, unwashed, multiple participant sexual acts the guests would fill Johnson their bellies with food to the point of becoming sick, and then purposefully vomit. This behavior would continue throughout the night, until they could eat no more, or until their genitals were red and sore. Another form of entertainment the Romans had was pornography. While the Romans did create the foundation for our present civilizations, they also were responsible in laying the ground works for the pornography industry today as we know it. They were the first civilization to mass produce pornography. Gambling was yet another form of ancient Roman entertainment. Gambling consisted of games of chance as well as betting on the gladiators who fought for their lives in the coliseum. We cannot forget comic relief as a form of entertainment. The Romans wrote many comical stories and plays. In our modern society we view ancient Roman entertainment as barbaric and beneath us. We as a society believe we are past such base forms of entertainment. But are we really? I believe we are just as barbaric now as we were in ancient Rome. Our society enjoys almost exactly the same entertainment that the ancient Roman culture enjoyed. The largest form of entertainment in our time is movies. In our movies we have all the death, blood, and violence that the Roman?s saw in the colosseum, and we do everything we can to glorify it more. Our society entertains itself by being as in-depth and visually accurate about death then the Romans could ever imagine. Our society like theirs also entertains itself in the form of parties. We drink, feast and vomit at our parties on a regular bases just as they did. And we as they did, end up having sex with a Johnson new found friend from the party. Also you can still find orgies in our modern society. The Pornography industry in our modern world is larger than any Roman could have imagined. We all know gambling goes along with drinking, sex, and porn in our society today. We as the Roman?s did wager money on fights, games of chance and sporting events. What is entertainment? Entertainment is any input that stimulates a positive effect on ones emotions, whether it is excitement, arousal, humor, etc. People are entertained by many different inputs. For some people masturbating in the hall closet is the height of their entertainment for the day. Others just enjoy watching television while sipping a beer. Entertainment may vary from person to person but throughout time we will still be entertained by the same stimuli. As long as the input titillates our groins, or stimulates our minds we will be entertained.