In every century, in every age, after hard working people needed to do things that are making them feel good. This is what we call – entertainment.

As every epoch has its own fashion, music style, political system, so it also has very distinctive types of entertainment.

Let’s start with the very beginning of the human evolution. Yes, even Stone Age had several types of distraction. As we know, people of that time, used to hunt animals for food. It was not easy too hunt mammoths, wild boars or bears. So according to that – bird hunting was a huge leisure for stone agers.

Other step – middle Ages. The romantic age.The Age of troubadoures, tet-a-tet fights to win ladies heart and dove – mail. People of that period used to work really hard, because they wanted to have a good life. The whole community was marshalled in different castes. For example: tradespeople, slaves or stewards.

Every caste had its own way of having fun. As hiigher the caste was – all the better was the entertainment. For instance: vast feasts with hundreds guests and expensive (for that time) regale, where young males could look for a woman.

The lower castes had something like tiny celebratings inside their ho

ouses, or yards. They were drinking cheap or home made vine and dancing with music which was performed by theirselves.

But we can’t forget the fact, that this century, was the time when church was almighty. So no matter in which caste you were, you had no right for big celebrations.

Next age I want to mention, is renaissance. It was a time of art. Many famous artists, like Leonardo Da Vinci, Gabriel, Mikelangelo and many more.

As the art had improved, similarly improved the entertainment. People started acting in theathres, which was the first step in the history of theathre. The next new thing in the section of entertainment – was carnavals. People loved to dress up in colorful clothes and go too the streets with their friends. It usually was a town festival, and the whole community was taking part in it, only in different places of the town.

People started making special dances for different events, so if you were in a feast of renaissance, you just HAD to know how to dance one or another dance, because everyone were dancing at the same time, so if someone made a wrong move, it was was easy to mention it.

Teenagers of th

hat time ,were really into romantic stuff, like serenades, love poems writing etc. It was a normal thing for a guy, to pay money for musicians and take them to the house of “THE QUEEN OF HIS HEART”. Musicians were playing music, and young man, was singing a serenade, that he wrote for a young woman.

Now. Huge jump to 19th centurie. The 70s. Years that my parents are still remembering with a smile. The Beatles, ABBA and many more talented musicians started their career at that time.

The entertainment became many new parts. For example. Concerts. Yes, concerts were extremely popular at that time. All of the young people, and not only them, enjoyed visiting concerts of their favorite bands. It was a chance to breakaway from the routine, to find new friends, or just to relax.

By the way, the famous “Jesus Christ – Superstar” was made in the 70s. That’s when this musical started its way to the top of popularity.

Let’s go to something, what seems so far, and at the same time – so close. The 80s.
It was the decade, when the cultural life of Europe, almost reached the top of ideality.

People forgot about times when everything they co

ould do for fun – was to go to a concert of theathre. In 80s ,everything was totally different. If you wanted to do something in your spare time, you had to think about what you really want to do, because there was many places to go to, and many activities to join.

Important point is that, in 80s, movies were one the most popular types of entertainment. Because movies thet were shown in cinemas, seemed to be better and better. Talented actors, gifted directors and interesting scenario. That’s what made movies of 80s stay popular forever, even in nowadays. I think all of us have seen “Briliant arm”, or “Operation y”.

Concerts, cinema, theathre. That’s not the end. One more thing I want to add when talking about the entertainment of 80s, is – Ballet. People enjoyed watching perfect made ballet, and listening to calm music performed by orchestra.

Finally, we reached our times. What do we do in our free time today?
I think it is very unusuall today if a young person goes to ballet or theathre. The popular way of having fun today, is partying, which means a bunch of friends, loud music, and sometimes drinks.

Cinema still has its po

opularity, because movie business is a circle which never stops. We have new movies all the time, so it is still fun to visit the cinema with friends.

Older people still prefer theather, ballet or folk music concerts. I don’t know why they still like the same things like they did when they were young, maybe because of memories.

The technologies of nowadays can make our free time miraculously attractive. Entertainment has become a huge collection of different types of concerts, drama things, television and magazines. And what is good about it, that it doesn’t stop here, it moves forward every day faster.

As we see, few things never change. People have to: eat, sleep and have fun. No matter where they are, no matter how old they are, and no matter which century is this. If human finds food, he will find fun, too.

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