Nowadays people don’t conceive nothing else except spending all their evenings by the TV screen. I think sometimes they should tear away from TV boxes because there are so many what you can visit, see and hear.
One of the oldest kinds of entertainment is theatre. In my opinion theatre is something special and inspiring. Sometimes you don’t understand what is going on the stage so you have a lot of space to interpret in your own way.
The biggest competitor of the theatre is cinema. It wins young people’s attention to its side, but is it possible that people on the screen can change a live people? But, on the other hand, it also sometimes can be enjoyable, because watching a good film at the cinema and watching it at home are two different things. Big screen, good sound and chairs with special effects give you opportunity to feel one of the film’s character.
Another kind of entertainment is music and dance shows. This is really great pleasure for your eyes and ears. However, Lithuanians can’t claim great knowledge of organizing such kind of entertainment. We can treat ourselves when artists from foreign countries come to Lithuania, however it isn’t a very cheap pleasure, but mostly it is worth for paying it.
The art galleries of Lithuania offer good deals on local art and handicrafts and are great place to purchase unique souvenirs. We also have a lot of interesting museums like Maritime, Devil’s, Zoological museums, the Ninth Fort and others.
One of the bad points that we don’t have our own funfair like Legoland or Magic Kingdom. So, lovers of the acute sensations have to wait until to our country comes funfairs from foreign countries. Then we can try different types of the rides and scream with excitement, we can also try our luck participating in the lotteries.
But what most I would like to have in our country are karaoke bars like in Tokyo. You can come there with your friends, have a drink and sing karaoke.
It is a little part what I have mentioned because we have so many different ways of spending our leisure, but the problem is that, everything costs and sometimes our lack of imagination.