Emigration and immigration

East or West home is best(Emigration and immigration)

Within the past few years a number of people leaving and coming to Lithuania has increased a lot. It is very sad but the number of people who leave Lithuania is a lot bigger than that of the coming. Usually Lithuanians go to the countries of Western Europe, nominally Spain, Germany, United Kingdom. Sometimes they go even to US, but entering this country is a bit more complicated because of the visa, which is quite hard to get at the first time. But still a lot of people risk their money, though it’s not so little in comparing to average salaries of Lithuania, but a huge unemployment, low culture of employers and very low salaries make a lot of people leave our home country, leaving family and friends behind. It is really not a very pleasant experience, because refugees from Eastern Europe usually do the jobs that are regarded as low and unrespectable to be worked. Mostly Lithuanians enter the country legally. But by staying there to work they break the laws oh the country they are in. Such actions are usually followed by deportation or banning the entering to a country for a few years. The lands that are being dreamt of are not so golden in reality. The very first months or even the first year are very hard to take, working and living conditions are usually unbearable. Most of the immigrants are aware of such conditions but they still risk their health just to try to make their and their family’s life better. It takes some time to break through, but when one does it seems that the time was spent worthwhile. I personally think that if you just want to earn some money, but not to stay to love, it’s better to go to US, because American employers treat emigrants a lot better than those is Europe do. In the country across the ocean there are a lot of illegal immigrants looking for jobs and the employer doesn’t care what country will his worker be from. And in Europe employers better choose his own countryman as an employ than a man who comes from the country that the boss even doesn’t know where one is.

Actually, not all immigrants from Lithuania try hard working. There are few examples of murders and other serious crimes committed by Lithuanians. The people who were doing this kind of activities have been arrested and convinced as guilty. Their stories have been turned to scandal is Lithuania by mass-media. And now thanks to those men Lithuania has become like a swear word for a lot of employers of the Western Europe.During a couple of years a number of emigrants who come from Western and Middle Asia has increased. Some come legally, but most of the aliens who were trying to enter our country illegally are being arrested and held in Rukla’s refugee camp. Illegal don’t choose our country as a final destination, usually it is a transit country on their way to the same Western Europe. They cause a lot of problems mostly to the government of Lithuania because the keeping and, almost in all cases, the sending back cost quite a lot of money. Usually the emigrant home countries don’t take responsibility for them. So this is a real huge problem which is tried to be solved by the government of Lithuania. Those emigrants who come here legally usually stay to study, the most common profession is medicine.In conclusion, I would like to say that emigration and immigration are two problems that are really very important and probably unimaginable to be solved. Because the are a lot of people all over the world from those countries with very poor economic situation that want and will want to try to achieve and succeed in trying to make their and their family’s life better.