Education. Teacher as authority or friend. The role of the teacher in the language classroom. School uniforms.

1. Education. Teacher as authority or friend. The role of the teacher in the language classroom. School uniforms.

Everybody has a right to education in Lithuania. The secondary education is compulsory. It is very important that every youngster would attend secondary school. They would be busier and couldn’t commit crimes.
In our times some teachers are not only an authority, they just like a friends. But it is difficult to find that teacher. Some of them just do their work – teach, annd don’t try to communicate with students. Also, there are teachers who don’t have a talent to teach: they don’t know or don’t are able to explain theme of lesson. And it is very bad for students, because not all can learn without explanation. But I just can’t say that there aren’t teachers who are like friends. There are, but I think that a few.
In some schools become a rule to wear uniform. There are some advantages of wearing a scchool uniform. Certainly, when you are dressed in a uniform, you look like a gentleman. Of course, some schools have strict rules which you must not ignore. To some extent, a uniform is a part of discipline and you don’t ne

eed to think what to wear the next morning when going to school. The school has a greater prestige when guests notice schoolchildren in uniforms. According to the uniform, one can easily say which school pupil belongs to. A uniform is like a symbol of the school. The argument for uniforms is that they prevent the competition among the teenagers and hide the differences in family incomes.
It sounds great, but the uniforms have disadvantages as well. In my opinion, they have to be of bright colours as the dark ones present the atmosphere of sadness and make us feel a little bit cold to each other. We are teenagers and want the life to be happy and see only the brright colours everywhere. Uniforms are uncomfortable for studies as it is very difficult to move when you are dressed in them. In addition to everything, everybody looks the same, and it starts to be boring. However, the uniform is rather expensive. Not all families can afford it. Girls would prefer ordinary clothes to express their personality or perhaps they feel more comfortable in jeans. No doubt, there are students who want to look smart and don’t obey the rules of th
he school.
To sum up, I think that school is a part of our environment from the time you are a little child until you are almost grown up. And if we want to have a good, well-paid job, favourite and necessary profession, we should learn, interest in various things and attend the school.

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