Education System in Japan Today

Educational System in Japan Today

Today the generally called educational system is 6-3-3-4 system which has 6 years in elementary school, three years in middle school, three years in high school, and 4 years in university. This system was inaugurated by the school education law, which was promulgating enacted in March 1947. By this, compared to the past system in which in higher school than middle school male and female go to different places, the idea of coeducation was born.

24~ Basically, there are children who go too kindergarten or nourishment school before going to elementary school. Elementary school and middle school are commonly known by the compulsory education because of the meaning of “parents ought to give their children education.” School year in Japan began differently than in Lithuania. School year stars in April. There is only rather more than one-month holiday in summer, and a little free time before New Year and April. Also Japanese learn five and a half days a week. People graduate frrom this and advance to their own way. For example, as you see in the chart bellow, they go to high school, go to special school, find work, find a part time job, etc. Also, basically when they become high sc

chool junior they are divided to scientific course and literature course. Then from there they go to university, go to junior college, go to special school, or find job. The rate of people who go to university is 31% as setting elementary school 100. In university, up to the present, there are liberal arts for freshman and sophomore years in national universities and other universities but recently it tends to be abolished. In brief, the specialization is going on. Also, after graduate it, they go to graduation school or find job.

Owing to this educational system, the literacy rate in Japan becomes 100% and Japan had sudden economic growth. But today because the people who enter into high school and university increase beyond expectation, thhe keen examination war are played. For this, there are lively discussion in the country. It is the fact that whether it is good or bad, examination is inseparable from talking about Japanese education. Also, it is not certain that examination is cause, but recently we often hear on problem of bully. Now for this status quo, various approaches and efforts to improvement are tried.

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