Education is the key to the person’s career

Education is the key to the person’s career. Everybody want to have a good job, nice car, big house. But not for all people it is possible. Without education it is not possible.
First, nowadays the life in our country is very difficult and a lot of young people don’t go to school, they haven’t even got secondary education. There are a lot of young people, children especially in big town’s streets. Some of them work washing cars, selling papers, soome beg and some have nothing to do. These youngsters very often commit crimes. It is very important that every youngster would attend secondary school. They would be busier and couldn’t commit crimes.
Second, Lithuanian children start attending secondary school when they are six or seven years old. They go to the primary schools which are in the kindergartens mostly. When they are ten or eleven years old they go to a secondary school. Pupils can stay at a secondary school foor twelve years, but some of them leave secondary school at the end of the ninth form. They go to vocational junior colleges or manual training schools, where they can get both secondary education and the qualifications necessary for a jo

ob. Before that these pupils must take the examinations for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. But not only these, all pupils must take examinations. Everybody can go to a university after graduating from a secondary school, vocational junior college or manual training school.
Third, best students of universities can go to study abroad. There are a lot of exchanges programmes. Abroad university make good services to study there. Plus students get legal job for your spending. Exchanges programmes are very interesting because students look another countries, to meet with other peoples and to find new friends.
Finally, education is very important in person’s life. The years when we attend at school are the happiest. Educated people are intelligent. Then you arre educated – life is better.

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