Ecological problems on our planet

As an old Indian saying, we should use our earth’s resources in moderation and share it with our children. What a pity, people predatorily use all the goods and resources, what couldn’t be enough not only to our children, but for us too.
Huge amount of toxins are thrown out into atmosphere, water and deeper layers of the earth. During ecological processes they are being split and making more toxical combinations, which destroy and damage natural processes of nature, kill or ch hange many alive creatures. Anyway much of them return to the people. We should mention ozone level, witch is being reduced, melting glaciers, the source of pure water, acid rain, smog’s and unpredictably changing climate.
In addition to these, the forest of Amazon – “the lungs of the earth” are being stroked off. Also diggings are ending, and without many of them people cannot imagine their life’s. More and more vanishing species are registered.
Despite the fact, that new ecological movements are created an nd actively fight for nature, much earth’s losses impossible to retrieve.

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