Does money make friends or enemies?

In my opinion money is the most powerful thing existing in modern world. It really rules everything and nothing can be done without money. It can affect real human’s feelings such as a friendship or love. In my opinion possessing a big amount of money can really make you enemies.
People who you regard as friends can easily turn into enemies as you get rich. They can become jealous because of your wealth. Jealousy can really change your friends’ attitude to yoou and it is quite easy to notice. You can see that your friends treat you in a hostile way. However, when you ask your friend about reasons for such a behavior he would answer that everything is ok, but both of you would know that it’s not true.
Moreover, when you have much money most of people you know want to get closer o you. They pretend to be your real friends even when they aren’t at all. Reason for thhis is that they want you to socialize with them, make use of your generosity and get as much from your as possible. Fake friends are the true enemies.

Even people you don’t know can become your enemies as you get ri

ich. When you possess some wealth you become commonly known by other wealthy people. Some suspected people naming themselves businessmen start to knock at your doors and offer you some big deals. In fact they are cheaters who want to take the opportunity and get easy money.

The other thing is that rich people are regarded in quite negative way. “Street people” don’t like wealthy guys. This dislike is usually caused by stereotypes which say that rich people are usually greedy, mean, love to boast on their wealth and treat themselves as someone better than not rich people. That’s why society don’t want to identify with rich people and treat them with a touch of cynicism and malice.
All in all, I thhink that money can make real enemies and only fake friends who are in fact enemies as well. You cannot buy a friendship. That’s why money can’t make friends. When you get rich, you have a great opportunity to check who is your real friend.

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