Do rabits make good house pets?

Do rabbits make good house pets?

If you decided to have a friendly house pet, you should have a rabbit. I think, that rabbits make an excellent house pets. First of all, rabbits are very friendly animals. They enjoy being with people and they have got interesting personalities. Rabbits also love playing and they are great fun to watch. Furthermore, rabbits don’t make a noise or a mess. I think, that a rabbit is an excellent gift for a person, who loves peace and quiet. Rabbits are silent animals and they don’t need so much attention like bigger pets such as dogs. Moreover, it’s easy to train them to use a little tray. They soon learn not to bite or scratch. On the other hand, rabbits can cause lots of problems. They like chewing things and digging holes, so you better don’t let them out of they’re caves to the house – they can damage your furniture. Always watch your rabbit, when you let it out to the yard – they can destroy your garden by digging a hole in it! Do not fright the rabbits, because they can hurt you, if they’re scared. You also shouldn’t put your hands near the scared rabbit, it might bite you.All in all, although rabbits can cause problems, I believe, that they are the best house pets. I’’ sure, that they will always cheer you up.