When dinosaur bones were first found they thought that they belonged to giant lizards. The word “dinosaur” means “terrible lizard”. The larger dinosaurs must have seemed to be terrible to the smaller animals. Some of the first dinosaurs were only about as big as a small dog. That is how big the horses of that time were. Over the years, as the dinosaurs aged, they grew to be much more large in size. The sizes of dinosaurs ranged greatly, alll the way from two feet long to one hundred and fifty feet long. They weighed as much as fifty tons, which is seven African Bull Elephants.We first discovered the fossils and bones shortly under the surface of the Earth. After scientists got more into the study they started to dig deeper down. The fossils get so deep because of the years of rocks and dirt that were piled up on it. Some also get buried if a dinosaur were too die next to a river, and over the years the river probably changed courses a little, so therefore the bones would be covered up. They would actually be in the bank of the river.

Evolutionistic View

The Evolutionary theory st

tates that everything evolved over millions of years. Evolutionists say that dinosaurs came from six million years back. They also say that the Earth is four to six billion years old. They say that fifty million years ago there was horses no bigger than dogs, and birds as tall as man, three hundred million years ago giant dragon flies buzzed around in the large forests, six million years ago small animals, called trilobites, lived in the sea and were rulers of the world. Evolutionists think that the world started off with just plants on it, then came many- legged animals from the sea (walking fish) that took over. They feel that a certain kind of fish evolved into the first foour-footed animals.
After millions of years those animals tuned into dinosaurs. That is how dinosaurs got started. Then finally the dinosaurs died off and little, furry, four-legged creatures appeared. These animals were called mammals, which then took over the world. Then those mammals evolved into man. The Evolutionists believe, very strongly, that dinosaurs were extinct millions of years before there were even any people to walk the Earth.

Why did dinosaurs become extinct?

The Evolutionists had a hard time trying to explain wh

hy dinosaurs became extinct. They had over fifty-five different theories that would just “come and go”. Out of all of those explanations not one of them was a satisfactory one. A theory that works for large animals would not work for small animals, and vise-versa. Whatever happened, Evolutionists agree that it must have been a catastrophe on a world-wide scale.

Christians View

“God created all the animals, including the first dinosaurs” – Genesis 1:20-25. “He made everything in the entire universe – people, stars, planets, and all that there is.” – Exodus 20:11, John 1:3. Those are not the exact words of those verses, but it is a summary. What that says there is that God created everything on Earth and that includes Earth itself, therefore dinosaurs had to have been created by God, which proves evolution wrong. Dinosaurs are even mentioned in the Bible, of course not by the term “dinosaur”. It uses the ancient name “behemoth”. The Bible best description of a dinosaur is in Job 41:15-24. Job is a very old book, probably written around 2000 B.C. Here God describes one of the larger dinosaurs. It is said to be describing a Brachiosaurus. It is a giant plant eating animal with strong bones. It is no

ot afraid of anything. In Job this dinosaur is compared to the ancient ceder.

“Look at the behemoth which I made along with you and

which feeds on grass like an ox. What strength he has

in his loins, what power in the muscles of his belly!

His tail sways like a ceder; the sinews of his thighs

are close-knit. His bones are tubes among the works

of God, yet his maker can approach him with His sword.

The hills bring them their produce, and all the wild

animals play nearby. Under the lotus plant he lies.”

-Job 41:15-24

There are tracks in Texas that are embedded in hard rock that show that dinosaurs and man walked at the same time. There is one human track and one dinosaur track seventeen inches apart. I think that shows the thought “that dinosaur and man never saw each other” is wrong.


From all the facts here I believe that the Christian theory is correct.
The Evolutionists couldn’t find a reason for the disappearance of the dinosaurs, and I think that the flood wiped all but the one that were on the Ark. After the flood the dinosaurs could not handle the conditions, so they all died off. The theory of the ca

anopy collapsing, I believe is why dinosaurs are gone. The atmosphere after the flood was too harsh and hot. Also there was a big air pressure release after the flood. After doing my research, I do not understand how Evolutionists believe what they do.


In Evolution the beginning of time was started by accident. The planets just popped into place. That opposes the Christian theory. Christians feel that God place all of the planets in a specific place. Creation was a matter of time. It took six days for the universe to be created. According to Evolution it just happened instantly. You can read anything in Genesis 1 and you will contradict the Evolutionary theory.


We as Christians must not believe in Evolution because it is completely against what the Bible teaches. Some Christians believe in Evolution, but I do not understand how they can. It says right in Genesis 1 that it took God six days to create the world, not millions of years. Evolutionists says that we don’t even get in touch with dinosaurs, how can’t we? Adam named all of the animals. In my research I found there are three things we need to know about dinosaurs.

1) They did not evolve.

2) They fit perfectly in with the Bible’s record of history. God

created them and they are even in the Bible.

3) The Bible explains why they became extinct- the Flood.

Dinosours species

1. Allosaurus
Growing up to 13 metres in length, Allosaurus was the most common carnivorous dinosaurs in Jurassic North America. Smaller meat-eating dinosaurs such as Ornitholestes may have hunted in packs and scavenged the kills of these larger predators.
2. Edmontosaurus
Edmontosaurus was probably the largest hadrosaur to live in Alberta and may have been one of the most abundant. It probably reached lengths of 15 meters (48 ft). Its uncrested, no nonsense skull was about the size of a horse’s head. It had a high ridge back and may also have possessed balloonlike flaps, of facial skin, which may have inflated as the animal bellowed. Such flaps, perhaps brightly colored, may have functioned as sexual signals during mating season.Recent statistical surveys indicate that Edmontosaurus was particularly abundant in the damp lowlands near the shore of the inland sea. Edmontosaurus remains were first discovered in 1912 along the Red Deer River valley west of Munson.
3. Diplodocus
Diplodocus was an enormous dinosaur that grew as long as 100 feet. But most of this length was taken up by its incredibly long neck and even longer tail. Diplodocus’ body accounted for only about 13 feet of its entire length, while its tiny head measured a relatively small two feet.Diplodocus lived during the Late Jurassic Period and probably traveled in herds around what is now Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, feeding on the lush vegetation that thrived at the time. Though Diplodocus was a huge animal, it only weighed 11 tons, about one-eighth the weight of its 75-foot long cousin Brachiosaurus. Diplodocus was much lighter than other large plant-eating Sauropods because its bones were hollow.Some scientists, but not all, believe that when Diplodocus was hungry it could stand up on its rear legs and, using its huge tail for balance, stretch to nearly 50 feet above the ground in order to feed on the very tops of trees — about 29 feet higher than today’s giraffe can reach!
4. Tyrannosaurus
A close relative of Albertosaurus, king of the tyrant lizards Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the amazing dinosaurs to ever live. The largest known meat eater, it was more than 12 metres (37 ft) long and stood almost as tall as a giraffe. Unlike a giraffe, however, Tyrannosaurus rex was massive and powerful.Its skull in particular was an imposing unit of bone. Up to 60 teeth, some of them longer than a human hand, lined its jaws. If humans had been around, they could have slid down its gullet with ease. Its eyes faced forward, providing better depth perception, important for a predatory animal, and its narrowed snout gave it a clear field of vision. At the other end, a heavy tail counterbalanced the skull. A complete tail has never been found, so no one knows exactly how long it might have grown.Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most famous of the extinct reptiles.

5. Triceratops
At nine meters (30 ft) in length, Triceratops was among the largest ceratopsians and one of the last to become extinct. It made up the bulk of the plant eating population just before the end of the Cretaceous. Its remains are particularly common in coastal lowland sediments.Triceratops had a single, short nasal horn and horns as long as hockey sticks protruding above its eyes. Its head, sometimes as much as three meters (10 ft) long, was the largest ever possessed by a land animal. It had large eyes and a relatively large brain.Triceratops was probably a feisty animal. Many specimens have bones damaged in combats with rivals or predators.Triceratops remains were first discovered near Denver, Colorado, in 1887. At first they were identified as the remains of a recently extinct species of buffalo.
6. Parasaurolophus
Of all the dinosaurs in history, Parasaurolophus must have had one of the most distinctive-looking heads. The crest of this 33-foot long duck-billed dinosaur measured almost six feet in length and was made of a strong but hollow tube filled with nasal passages. These nasal passages connected from the creature’s nostrils back to the very tip of the crest.When scientists first discovered Parasaurolophus, it was thought that the crest was used as a kind of snorkel, but that could not have been farther from the truth since the tip of the crest didn’t have an opening in it! There are plenty of other theories for how Parasaurolophus might have used this oddly shaped crest. It could have been used like a trumpet, making sounds to warn others of danger or to attract mates. These dinosaurs, which traveled in herds through the jungles of North America, had very good eyesight and may have used their unique headgear as a form of identification.

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