Curriculum Vitae


Name:Age:Nationality: LithuanianHome address:Tel. Num. (+370 600) 55555Marital status: Single

Education: Studding: School year: Specialty:1992- 2004 secondary education1

Experience: Company: Tillage: Office:1 Czech Electronic 2003.06.01-09.01 Consultant

Speeches Speech: Using Lithuanian: Vernacular English: Understand Russian: Speak Fluent RussianPerk Driver’s education: ——– Active service: Immune Interests: Organization, Music’s Lineament: Punctuality, Communicative, Consistency,Plausibility

Rūdininkų str. 18/2 Lt-2000, Vilnius

Mrs.(tavo vardas pavarde)(tavo gatve)LT-5900, Tauragė

30 September2004

Dear Mister or Missis,

I have seen yuor adversiment for chief accountant in “Lietuvos rytas” andwould like to apply for the job.

I am 20 years old and was educated (tavo mokykla), now I am studying forbusinees administration in Kaunas college Tauragė departament. I have triedto work in one good known companies Czechie-Czech electronic.Yuo can seethat in my Curriculum vitae.My Russian and English knews good.When I workin Czech I spaek English and Russian and there I have got expierience inelectronic.

I hope yuo will consider my application.

Yuors with respekt,

(Tavo vardas pavarde)