A lot of crimes happen every day. We are not protected from being burgled or even kidnapped. Nowadays we can’t trust the police 100%, so we have to know how to protect our selves.

Burglars think that the bigger house is, the richer the owners, so the people should build smaller houses.A shiny new car parked outside the house signals a nice possession and money.If the house is hidden from the road, it attracts burglars, so it would be helpful to have wishful neighbors around.People are advised to try to make their homes look as plain as possible and not to draw attention with empty boxes next to the dustbin, opened windows, newspapers sticking out of the letter box, full bottles of milk on the doorstep.It is a good idea to take photos of valuable thing, later easier to intentify the stolen property.

If the person does not want to be mugged, he should carry a personal alarm system and to attend the self-defense classes.

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