Crime has been growing in Lithuania recently

The activity that involves breaking the law is crime. But why people commit crimes? I think there are more than one reason for that. During the last few years violent crime ratio in Lithuania has vastly increased. Statistics tells that last year in our country were registered about eighty thousand crimes. Why it is so?
Firstly a lot of dangerous criminals are allowed to escape and many is being released from prisons. There are more and more burglars, kidnappers, murderers annd rapists who commit crimes and succeed in escaping by hiring a good layer. Also somebody says that police do nothing. But I think its not true, police do what is possible. Sometimes and people should help them.
I think the worst crimes are: murder, hijacking, raping and terrorism. I think that criminals who commit such crimes must be punished unmercifully, sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty.
How we can protect ourselves and property? In the first place we must avvoid walking in streets ant other public places at night. From smaller crimes such as theft, robbery or burglary we can protect ourselves in many ways. Firstly: not to forget to shut and lock doors and windows. Also you can as

sk a neighbor to keep an eye on your house or install an alarm system in your living place.
But why people commit crimes? I think there are many reasons why and one of them is that movies in TV are getting more and more violent, the lifestyle of criminals which looks glamorous and desirable also attracts many young people.
In conclusion to this I think that we must beware criminals. Nobody will protect you, unless yourself.

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