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For a lot of people shoping is a chore, something tedious, like housework. For others, shopping is fun and relaxing, a release from the world of work. But there is a question where to go for shopping to a department store or to a small corner shop. There are advantages and disadvantages of both types of the shops.
Nowadays it is hard to imagine our life without shopping at department stores. From the moment shoppers step out of their cars or offf the bus that has brought them to the department store, tšhey are encouraged to feel relaxed. Soft music is everwhere, security cameras monitor every inch of the store, small army of security stuff is employed to customers’ security. And everywhere is so clean, including the air within the giant building which is continuously renewed byų tireless air-conditioning systems.
one of the basic reasons for the popularity of department stores is enormous variety of shops that are to be found under onne vast roof. There are several major departments and supermarket. An equally important part of the department store is smaller shops and boutiques whose glistening displays invite shoppers. Inside there everyone can find books, expensive china, designer clothes, casual wear. A

typical supermarket has separate sections for such products as meat, fruit and vegetables, biscuits and cakes canned food tea and coffee, soft drinks, washinh powder. Most goods in supermarkets are pre-packed, weighted and priced before they are put on the display. Supermarkets provide convenient and speedy shopping.
Non-stop shopping can be tiring, but there are a lot of other things to do in dep. stores as well. Many people come to eat and drink asas much as to shop as there are a lot of coffee bars, wine bars and restaurants where people can sut and chat with their fellow shoppers.
It is the fact of life that children hate being dragged round shops, and here surely is another reason for thhe increasing popularity of dep. stores. Their designers make that cgildren are certainly not forotten. Adventure rides, animal exhibits, cinemas or skate rings are just examples of the entertainment provided by stores.
Of course, these facilities exist for one basic reason: to make shoppers to spend their hard-earn money, so it’s not surprising that such stores contain banks. Shoppers may need some extra cash for few unplanned items when the store offers bargains. For large purchase customers may use credit cards.
So it
t seems that department store is a wonderful fantasy land for adults and children. It is somewhere we can go if we want to get away from a miserable, wet winter or the uncomfortable heat of summer.
It is needless to mention that many people still prefer to do shopping in traditional shops.

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