Comparison Between Renaissance and Baroque Art

Renaissance period described as the revival of the classical forms originally developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Renaissance artists created works of such authority that generation of later artists relied on these artworks for instruction. Renaissance art reduces the parts of a total form to a sequence of planes and the baroque art emphasizes the depth. Baroque style encompasses a broad range of developments, both historical and artistic, across the geographic area. Baroque was a style that did not haave that smoothness as renaissance style did. Those two styles look much alike but at the same time it had much differences. Renaissance age has a special feature that developed an ideal of perfect clarity that you cannot see in a baroque age. Instead in baroque age it was vaguely suspected and voluntary sacrificed. In renaissance age painters mostly painted their paintings in perfect proportion, especially humans. In baroque age they used the same system of forms, but instead of peerfect they had restless. Where there a lot of different forms of painting that had the same idea, same subject but it would look totally different. For example let’s compare Lorenzo di Credi’s painting Venus and Botticelli’s The Birth of Ve

enus. Botticelli drew his women with sharp and neat elbows, the spread of fingers of woman’s breast changes the whole painting. It looks like the woman has some kind of energy that just explores in her hands and her body. In comparison Lorenzo di Credi’s woman does not have that feeling. He produces more flaccid effect that is conceived in volumes. His woman looks very different form Botticellis. If the painters are drawing the same woman that does not mean that she will look the same even if she is standing on front of them.

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