Comparing the Lithuanian and British educational systems; strengths and weaknesses of the Lithuanian educational system

I guess all countries want their educational system to be more methodical, easier children to understand and satisfying everybody’s requirements. Now I’ll try to compare the Lithuanian and the British structure of teaching.
Firstly, as we all know, the education is compulsory both in Lithuania and Great Britain just in our country it’s a little bit easier as a system. Firstly, talking about primary schools, in Lithuania children start at the age of 6-7 and it lasts 4 years while in Britain there kind of two primary schools: from the age of 5 till 7 Infant school and from 7 till 11 it’s called Junior school. After finishing junior school children must take an exam which as following leads to secondary school.
There are 3 types of secondary schools in Great Britain: Grammar (in which goes about 25% pupils) Modern and Technical. As you know in our country after primary school pupils choose Basic school (5 to 10 forms) or there are general schools which provide both development primary and secondary (1 to 12 forms). Also there are kind of higher schools gymnasiums (9 to 12 forms) that usually have a higher reputation.
To move on and talk about further teaching children in Lithuania can stay at secondary school for 12 years but some of them leave it after tenth form. These pupils usually go to vocational junior colleges and trade schools where they can get both secondary education and qualification. But these schools are getting less popular now, because more and more students want to study at the University.
If we proceed and talk about exams so in Great Britain after Grammar school children take General, A, or ordinary level exams which later leads to colleges or universities. It’s kind of similar to our country when Lithuania’s children have to take also exams and go to higher schools. In both countries it takes 4 years to get bachelors degree and 2 years to get masters degree.
So we can find some similar or different things in educations between these two countries. If I’d think about weaknesses of the Lithuanian educational system so I’d speak about money. Officially education in Lithuania is free, but reality shows different things. Secondary education is getting more and more expensive because of the lack of literature and other learning tools also at universities there are students who pay for their studies big money and that is a problem in Lithuania. Second problem would be that universities are overcrowded with young people who everyone wants to learn.
Strengths are that nowadays more and more different and interesting subjects are thought at schools and universities, the teaching is spreading, making international changing programs and trying to step into whole worlds road.
Finally I want to say that if you want to get a higher education it isn’t necessary to go abroad. There are a lot of opportunities in our country just you have to know what you want and have a little persistence.