Compare Lithuania to my country

Compare Lithuania to my country

I won’t to compare Lithuania and Great Britain. I don’t now how to Compare Lithuania and Great Britain because there are two different countries. There are much more differences than likeness between them.

On the map of the world Lithuania can hardly catch your attention but Great Britain you should find without big trouble. Four countries belong to United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. We can say that Lithuania also quadripartite from four parts: Dz zūkija, Aukštaitija, Žemaitija, Suvalkija. Our biggest river Nemunas is really big river. If you comparable to Themes in England its will be tiny. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. England’s capital is London also Scotland haw capital Edinburgh, Wales – Cardiff and Ireland – Belfast. Why have different measures of weight, length, aria in Lithuania why have kilogram, kilometer, liter they haw pound, miles, pint. We have President they still have Queen. Population of Lithuania is only 3 millions while in one town Lo ondon there are living a bought 8 millions.

England’s living standards a much more better than we have in Lithuania. I hope that some day Lithuanian people will change their mind will work hardly and why all shall live better. So I do

on’t find many likenesses much more differences.

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