The clothes
Nowadays there are a great number of clothes-shops, especially in big cities. A variety of clothes is impressive and a purchaser can choose whatever he wants and needs. Many people especially in such countries as France Italy United Kingdom and other pay attention to what they are wearing. So they spent countless sums of money buying clothes of famous designers.
Some people say that the clothes make the man and they are quite right as it is a truth re

ecognized throughout history. What you wear determines what people think about you. Appearance has become the central means of defining ones identity. The easiest way to see persons character is by their clothes. However the baggy clothes the bright clothes the hundred dollars boots, sneakers and symbols may be the utter of person’s financial status. In addition the way what style of clothes people wear and how they are wearing clothes can express ones opinion. Therefore the clothes can say a
lot about people. Everyday in the streets we can see people wearing different styles and we can guess if they are rich or poor we can even guess what kind of music they like.
On the other hand there many pe
eople who cannot wear clothes for their pleasure, because they are obligated to wear special clothes. For example: police offices, firefighters, doctors, and soldiers wear uniforms at work. They look very elegant and can be easily separated from the crowd.
Nowadays in many secondary schools in Lithuania the wearing of the uniforms is compulsory. Some schools argue that there are many advantages to this system but students can often see some disadvantages too.
The main advantage of uniforms is that they give common identity to the school. Even when the students are on their way home everyone knows which school they go. This is important if the student misbehave for example. Moreover uniforms make all students equal and the social status (between ri
ich and poor) is les noticeable. So students whose parents cannot afford nice clothes look the same as everyone else and do not feel inferior. If all the student s in a school wears the same type of clothes in matching colors and styles then they tend to look smart when they all are together. Another advantage is that students have no thoughts what to wear every day and they do nor go shopping frequently. As a result much more ti
ime can be saved and students can focus only on schoolwork.
However the most of student’s do0 not agree with school unifies. When you have to wear the same clothes as everyone else you do not have a chance to develop personal taste in the way you dress. They cannot express themselves it is difficult to show ones individualities. However in spite of all the disadvantages more schools should have this beautiful tradition of wearing uniforms?
All in all clothes are very needful things in people lives. Today it is very important to mane a good impression for everyone’s as 50 percent of success depends on your looks