Clean up the World

Clean up the WorldOlden time’s people lived in accord with the nature. Later, when the humanity have created powerful machines, various chemical materials, learned to govern the nuclear energy, their appeared lots of ecological problems. The most important elements of our surroundings ­ air, water and soil are more and more polluted.The number of people is increasing very fast in the world nowadays. The matter is that they need more and more working places, food, clothes, cars, planes… that’s why the pollution of the nature increases. The amount rubbish formed 40 milliard tones in the world in 1970, but it is prognoses that this number can reach even 1000 milliard tones in 2000. For example, every inhabitant of the USA throws out about 82 kg of paper, about 250 tins, 390 bottles -total about 1 tone of various unnecessary things during the year. Can’t they be recycled?Some of the countries want to export all kinds of rubbish to others, more backward countries. Is it a right decision? We all live in the same planet… Polluted nature has a negative influence not only for the people’s health, but for the inheritance of the civilisations culture, too. The famous architectural buildings in all the world suffered from the acid rain more during the last 30 years, than during 300 years up to this. We have presented just several facts of our polluted environment. Now we have to decide how we can clean our planet.Pollution is endangering our survival. We know that robbery means taking things away from other people. But robbery isn’t just stealing money or other things. Pollution is also robbery.When you think about murder, do you think of a bank robber shooting a policeman? This is indeed murder. Sometimes murder is quick, but other times the killer prefers to torture his victim until he dies. Pollution murders in that way.We can’t always count on someone else to figure out a way to solve the problem. We can start by cleaning up the polluted surrounding in our neighbour- hood!

Air’s pollution It’s time to face the increasing amount of carbon dioxide and CFI’s in the atmosphere are making our planet’s climate warm up. We have seen the warning signs in our increasing world temperatures. While this isn’t proof that global warming has begun, it certainly should warn us that something is happening to our climate. It takes only small changes in temperature to cause big changes in our world. And if we continue to put as much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as we are putting into it now, the world’s average temperature may increase within the next 50 years. If temperatures do rise, we can expect some drastic changes to take place. As temperatures go up, sea levels will rise and many coastal areas will become flooded. The warming could make droughts occur more often in certain areas. Some places could become so hot and dry that many crops couldn’t grow there anymore. And all over the world, plants and animals may not be able to adapt quickly enough to the sudden changes in their habitats. Some species could even become extinct. If we wait too late to present damage from the warming trend.

Earht’s pollutionWe must cut carbon dioxide production by at least 20 percent and phase out CFI_s now. We must develop safer chemicals to replace CFI’s. We have to switch to solar power and other alternative energy sources. Some models have predicted that the increase in carbon dioxide will cause clouds to form. These clouds would block sunlight and cancel out much of the warming. And, according to other models, it’s possible that the earth’s huge oceans will absorb any extra. Individuals must do their part too, by taking public transportation instead of driving their cars so much and by buying more energy – efficient appliances and cars. And we have to stop the burning of tropical rain forests. By preserving these forests, we can reduce carbon dioxide emission caused by the burning and save the trees and other vegetation that help absorb carbon dioxide.

It will cost money to make of these changes. But it’s better pay the price now – not later when the effects of global warming can’t be reversed. Our government must pay more attention in organising the cleaning of nature.Water’s pollutionDoes really the World ocean is threatened by danger Unfortunately, yes. A danger for ocean raises all people lightly, hardly hearted devastate the sea blessings. In latter’s two or three decades.They polluted the world ocean in such a way that it’s impossible to find a place in it, where wouldn’t be the peoples signs of labour. The world ocean pollution problem now is the one of the main humanity problems.
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