Christmas is no longer what it used to be

All people likes Christmas and most of them are celebrating this. Only single and poor people are not happy at Christmas, because they are lonely and Christmas is family feast. And this time I would write about poor and single girl Dorothy.

Once upon time was living a poor girl Dorothy. She had very nice big blue eyes, beautiful yellow hair. She was an orphan. Her parents were dead and she hadn’t anny kindred. Her living place was street. She was very unhappy and disappointed. It was coming the most beautiful feast in all years-Christmas. All people were prepared for this feast. They were cooking very tasty cakes, chicken. Everybody was searching presents for family’s members, friends, and plighted lovers. People were happy, only one Dorothy was very sad. She didn’t feel that it is coming Christmas. She was walking about the streets and cried. She saw families in warm houses, decorating Chhristmas tree. She saw that everybody was feeling very happy, except her. She was feeling so lonely. Her only dream was to meet Christmas with family, in warm house. But, like I said, she was an orphan.

Christmas Eve Dorothy comes by

y central Christmas tree of town. She slept here. Then she woke up, she saw that somebody are looking at her. It was men, women and child. Dorothy understood that it’s family, but she didn’t known why they are smiling for her. They were still watching at her. She asks why they are smiling and why they watching at her. They said that just then they saw Dorothy sleeping near Christmas tree, they were very surprised that so nice girl didn’t have house. Then Dorothy told all her story for these people. They understood that this girl needs family. Then they proposed for Dorothy to come with them. Dorothy felt very happy and straight agree with this family suggestion.

So, noow Dorothy has family, warm house. She doesn’t feel lonely anymore. Now she is very happy. She gave the best present at Christmas, that present is family. So, again proved proposition that Christmas are miracles time.

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