Capital punishment is the only way to deter criminals

A lot of dangerous criminals are allowed to escape and roam free. There are more and more burglars, kidnappers, murderers and killers who commit crimes and succeed in escaping penalties by the good lawyers. Somebody says that police do nothing. But I think its not true, police do what is possible. Just not everything is in their hands.

In my opinion, we should bring back the death penalty, because it’s the only way to deter criminals. Methods of execution include electrocution, leethal gas, hanging, shooting and lethal injection. As far as I can see, capital punishment is more effective deterrent to crime than imprisonment. The murderer will never commit another crime once he has been executed. Many criminals don’t fear the judicial system. They are not afraid of jail or their punishment. They know that they will get out in ten years if they murder someone. Most men are afraid of death. They don’t want to die. So I think if wee bring back the capital punishment, there will be a fewer crimes. The capital punishment is an appropriate form of punishment for the crime of murder. It deters crime, improves the community by making sure that convicted criminals do not fi

ind their way out onto the streets to offend again, and it is cheaper than keeping convicted criminals in high security prison for the rest of their natural lives.

In conclusion, the capital punishment is the most effective way to deter criminals. If a person kills someone, he as the convicted murderer deserves to be killed.

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