A bobsled is a plank of steel or other metal. Bobsleds can carry two or four people. The four-person bobsled used in races is about 3.5 meters long. The weight of the sled and crew can not be more than 630 kilograms. A two-person racing bobsled is about 2.5 meters long. Its weight can not be more than 375 kilograms.
The person in the front of a bobsled is in charge of steering. The person in the back is in charge of breaking. On a four-person sled two riders sit in the middle.
The body of the bobsleds helps to protect the riders and steering mechanism. Streamlined design helps to cut down wind resistance, making faster speeds possible.
Competitive bobsleds are usually painted the colors and the emblem of the club or country that enters the bobsled in a race. There is room for only one sled at a time on a bobrun. Bobsled racers push their sled from a starting point and leap on it after crossing the starting line. Championship races consist of four heats, for each sled. The sled with the shortest total time for the four heat in the winner. Bobsleds often reach speed of 145 kilometers an hour.
It is not necessary to be a racer to enjoy bobsledding. Paying passengers can ride with expierenced bobsledders who do the steering and breaking. People who want to drive a bobsled must have a license.
One time I and my family went to Austria. It was winter. We had a brilliant time. One day we went to restaurant on a high mountain. While we were eating, I heard that somebody was shouting. When we finished eating, we went to see why the people were shouting. When we came at our destination, I saw a fantastic view. Four people were going down the mountain with a bobsled. To of them were professional bobsledders. They did steering and breaking. I said:
– Dad, let’s go!
– Super idea!
We paid money and we started going. I felt terrific. When we finished riding, my dad said:
– It was wonderful. I have a good idea. Let’s offer it to mom and sister.
When we mom and sister, my dad said:
– Try it
– No we are very weary today.
– Do it. You will see. It is wonderful.
– O, OK. But just one time.
After bobsledding we saw mom. She was annoyed and looked furious. She said:
– It was terrible and now I am embarrassed.
I was stunned. I didn’t think she will go nuts. And we went home. We were miserable. But not-withstanding it was cool!