Bicycles may be a dangerous form of transport

Bicycles may be a dangerous means of transport. I don’t agree with this statement, but sometimes it is true. We come across with advantages and disadvantages speaking about bicycles.In my opinion a bicycle is better than a car when you live in a big city besides you can reach the destination quicker.Another advantage of riding a bicycle is connected with movement and this influences your health positively, but on the other hand there are some disadvantages too. A bicycle is not suitable to use in bad weather. Moreover a bicycle is not a fast means of transports and you can’t reach the place you won’t as fast as possible.Of course a bicycle can be considered to be dangerous in Lithuania for there are almost no to bike paths how to other European countries. For this reason bicycles cause danger for bike – riders and the rest of the travelers.After all I can tell you that I ride a bicycle every summer and I have never experienced any dangerous situations.By way of conclusion I want to tell what sometimes bicycle is a useful form of transport, but sometimes it isn’t.