Argumentative – Expressing opinion – If foreign languages should be taught at nursery school level?

Almost all parents let their young children to the nursery school and many of them wonder if foreign languages should be taught at nursery school level. In my opinion, it is not good and even unnecessary to teach children foreign languages at such young age for a variety of reasons.
In the first place, children at nursery school are too young to be taught foreign languages. I’m sure that 3-5 years old children are not ready to accept information as their maain task is to know the world better but not to keep in mind foreign language’s words.
In addition, childhood is the most beautiful period in our life. So why we should darken this period by teaching children foreign language instead of letting them carelessly play with others?
Nevertheless, some people claim that it is useful to give basics of foreign languages at nursery school level. They insist that knowledge can help children in their future studies. These parents forget, hoowever, that there will be time later for learning apart childhood.
All in all, I strongly believe that foreign languages should not be taught at nursery school level because adults do not have right to disturb childhood – life without troubles.

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