Are computers are necessity?

Computers play an important role in the lives of most of us today, whether we realize it or not. Some people, however, are beginning to ask if we really need them. In my opinion, computers have become a necessary part of modern life. In the first place the computers can save a lot of storage space. Storing information on computers disks is one of the most efficient ways of keeping data. One computer disk can hold the same amount of innformation as several books. Furthermore, computers save everyone a lot of valuable time. Stored information can be found at the touch of a button, whereas searching for it manually takes much longer. Therefore, our everyday lives are made easier – from going to the bank to doing the shopping. Nevertheless, there are those who claim that computers are unnecessary and make our lives more complicated. They argue that in the past we managed very well using other methods and that we haave become too dependent on computers. However, they fail to consider that the time saved by using computers for repetitive tasks enables us to use our own time more creatively and productively. All in all I strongly believe that computers ar

re useful tool. They have changed our lives for the better and there is no reason why we should not make them work to our advantage.

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