Animals in captivity

Animals in captivity

In XXI century all animals and mammals are an important part of our environment. Some of them live in natural nature such as forests, jungles, deserts or seas. However, not of all can feel a freedom: they are keeping in captivity, like prisoners.

It’s claimed that, animals in captivity give people a lot of beneficial things. First of all, scientists have a great possibility to make researches and learn about animals, their habits, to take care of their health. IIt helps to expand our knowledge about wild life. In addition to that, different zoos are a source of entertainment: it attracts visitors by rear species animals, secret marine wildlife.

I’m, personally, against captivity because it causes a lot of problems. Firstly all animals are kept in small, cramped cages and pools whereas in the wild they are used to be roaming long distances across the jungles, forests, seas. For example, white bears haven’t possibility to enjoy the snow. As a result, they become passive and it causes many health problems. Indeed, it’s a threat of extinction. Furthermore, animals in captivity don’t get enough food and vitamins, so they could become dangerous. In addition animals in captivity sometimes be as a

gain. In this way, zoos make lots of money.

In conclusion, I think animals and mammals should NOT be kept in captivity, because it doesn’t reflect their real natural home. Finally people have to release, ensure and protect animals from getting in captivity. In my opinion animals have all rights to live in natural environment! In the future our main purpose is to promote nationals parks and reservation where people could survey animals naturally without any zoos.

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