šsamus aprašymas

Z. Oh, this party was pretty cool, but I and My friends were only in official part. I come home at 5 o’clock in the morning and what do you think about this party? M. Oh, this party was not bad but I was only in official part too and after this I with my class-mates went to the garden and celebrated this wonderful festival very well. But in my opinion to do the official part is a serious job. Z.. Of course. Planning the 100-Day party was very hard. I and two my friends were responsible for the party. I had to invite primary school teachers. My friends were responsible for making speeches. M. Whose idea was to plan the funny part? Z. I think that this idea belongs to my friend Dainius. M. And who advised him? Z. I don’t now, but I think this part was original and fun. M. And who suggested doing the party decoration off the hall? It was nice. Z. Oh, it was Ramunas idea. But I think that it were a bit boring, because here were no disco. M. Oh, don’t worry, the party was wonderful.

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