Anglų įskaitos temos

About languages (apie kalbas)
My native language is Lithuania. So he must know its
fourth form I began to learn the English language. From
history, grammar, literature spelling. When I was on the
the very first days I understood that it is very difficult to
learn. English, as it has different pronunciation and
spelling. If you want to learn new words, grammar, how
to form the sentence. It is necessary to know the history,
culture, traditions of the country which language, you
study. It is very difficult to learn an

ny foreign language
when you do not hear it in the street at house. The film
which we see on TV are translated into native language
and we can’t hear the English language. The English
language is very popular in the world and what country
you visit you can communicate in England. The role of
the foreign languageshas inereased in the last years, as
Lithuanian keeps good relations with other European
countries and is going to biome a member of European
Union and NATO. So every young person must th
about his future and the use of the foreign language.

The European Union(apie europos sąjungą)
The European Union is the European supranational
organization dedicated to increasing economic
integration and strengthening co-operation among
its member states. The European Union was established
on November one, nineteen ninety three. Th

he treaty on
European Union was ratified by the twelve members of
the European community. They were Belgium, Denmark,
France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The
citizen of the European Union countries received the
right to immigrate From owe country to another and
they got a greater freedom to live, work or study in
any of the member states and there were no borders
to travel from are European Union State to another.
The main body of the European Union is the European
Parliament, which is elected by the citizens of the
European Union States. The main body works in
Strasburg, but most work of its committee is done
in Brussels. Finland, Austria and Sweden joined the
European Union in nineteen ninety five. In this year
May first day Li
ithuania, Estonia and Latvia will become
the members of the European Union. There are seven
other countries which will become the members of the
European union. They are: Poland, Cheek, Cyprus,
Malta, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

About myself(apie save)
My name is Justina and surname is Šaučiūnaitė. I
live in Anykščiai in Stoties street No eleven. I was
born on the fiveof march nineteen eighty
six in Anykščiai. I am eighteen, I am the citizen
of Lithuania. I am a schoolgirl and I learn in the twelve
form of Antanas Baranauskas se

ecandary school. So I am a
school-leaver.I live with my family: father, mather, I have
one sister and one brother. All my Familymembers are
cathalics.We the memders of our family are very friendly.
We celebrate all Lithuanian holidays together. My favourite
group is B‘avarija. My favourite singer is Andrius
Mamontovas and also every yang person has a favourite
pop graup.

Mass media in Lithuania(apie žiniasklaidą)
TV, radio, newspapess or magazines ore very popular in
Lithuania, as there are a lot of TV channels so the young
people mostly like LNK, TV3, TV4 channels, as there are
more interesting films, more music, various games. Radio
is also very popular among yang people. They like to listen
to pop music. Of course our taste in music personal. I think
that music is not horn. It effects positive on every person.
Every teenager has his favorite singer. My favorite singer is
Andrius Mamontovas and also every yang person has a
favorite pop groups. My favorite pop group is B‘avarija.
My favorite music group is Naktinės personos. There is a
great veriely of press in Lithuania nowadays. The most
popular newspaper in Lithuania is „Lietuvos rytas“. It is
popular not only among young, at al to about older people
there we find what is happening in Lithuania and in the world.
We find articles on political events, sports, the life of interesting
people and so on. There are also many other newspapers and
magazines. Our newspaper “Anykšta” gives much material about
the life of the people in our district.

Education and school(švietimas mokykloje)
My school is A. Baranauskas secondary school. It is in Salomėjos
Nėries street. The schoolchildren get a secondary education at our
school. There are about seventy teachers and one thousand one
hundred pupils. The school-year begins on the first of September
and ends on the first of June. We have autumn, winter, spring and
summer holidays. Our summer holidays are the longest about three
months. We go to school five days in a week. Saturdays and Sundays
are the days off. Junior pupils have five-six lessons in a day and
senior pupils have six-seven or even eight lessons in a day. Our
intervals last from ten to twenty minutes. During the intervals we
listen to music. We study Lithuanian, English, Russian, Germany,
French, Mathematics, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music,
Art, Sports. Our classes are equipped with computers, CD players,
tape-recorders. We have library reading room, where we can use
internet, canteen, sports hall. Often classes we can take part in
various clubs. We have various competitions, parties. The pupils
of the eleven and twelve forms get a profile education and so they
are prepared for their future profession.

My favorite dish(mano mėgstamiausias patiekalas)
Every family has its favorite dish. Some families like meat dishes,
some fishes dishes, some vegetable dishes, some flour dishes and
potatoes dishes. The Lithuanian national dish is cepelinai. Every
family know how to prepare it. You need potatoes. The first thing
you have to do is washing of the potatoes, peeling them, washing
them once more. After that you grate potatoes and drain that mass.
Then we prepare meat. We take a piece of pork, cut it and put
everything into this meat mass and mix with a spoon or a hand.
Thirdly you take potatoes mass, make balls and put that prepared
meat inside the ball. Fourthly we take a pot, pour some water, put
same salt and put it on the stove. When the water begins to ball, we
put cepelinai into it and boil about half an hour them we take them
out of the pot and eat with a same made of fat or butter, onion and

Hobbies and leisure time(hobis ir laisvalaikis)
Every person is interested in it his or her hobby from childhood.
Same young people are keen on doing crossword puzzles, because
many magazines and papers are full of them but this hobby requires
much knowledge in ever sphere of life. The boys usually like
watching TV, vide making, fishing and especially now playing
computer games, television. The most popular TV programs are TV3,
TV4, LNK. On weekends the young people go to discos. Some boys
and go in for sports. They attend various sports clubs – basketball,
swimming, water sports – skating, skiing. There are very few young
people especially schoolchildren, who like reading books. Same girl
like knitting, drawing, music. Many pupils after lessons go to music
school, art school, where they learn to play any instrument, to draw.

My flat(mano butas)
I live in Stoties street number eleven . my flat is on the second floor.
Our flat consists of three rooms, a kitchen, a hall a bathroom and a
toilet. We have all conveniences in our flat – control heating, cold
and hot running water, gas. The biggest room is a sitting room. There
a two windows and therefore it is very light. There are daily and
blind curtains on the windows. On one side of the room there is a big
table with six chairs round in and there is a wall stand for books and
dishes. On the other side there is a little table, a sofa, two armchairs
a TV set, where our family rests after work. There are a lot of pictures
on the walls and many flowers. In the bedroom we have two beds a
wardrobe, a mirror, two chairs. The third room is my room, where I
have a sofa, a desk with computer on it, a bookshelf, a CD player,
two chairs. In the kitchen we have a cupboard, a table with four chairs,
refrigerator, a gas stove. In the bathroom there is a bath, a washing
machine. We also have a balcony and a cellar.

Holidays in Lithuanian(atostogos Lietuvoje)
There are a lot of holidays in Lithuanian. The most holidays are
Christmas, New Year, Easter. These holidays are celebrated in my
family Christmas, the ancient holiday of the return of the sun, was
known in most European nations. In Lithuanian people spend Christmas
with the Christmas Eve supper. Food is prepared specially for supper
and for the first day of Christmas. The whole family sits at the table
and there are twelve traditional dishes on the table. You must taste them
all. When the supper is ever, people go to church. The food is left to
stand overnight for the visiting spirits to last it. In the morning
find some Christmas presents under, the Christmas tree. The food usually
consists of fish, haring, fruit, cokes, nuts, honey, compote, paste. For
Easter holiday we paint eggs, take cokes, horn.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit(apie rūkimą)
It is side that about seventy interest young people smoke or have tread
smoking. There are a lot of illnesses which are caused by smoking. In
our days the children begin to smoke even in primary forms. So it has
a very big negative effect their learning. They became habitual smokers
by the time they are sixteen . I think it happens so, that the parents
doesn’t control their children, they do not interest where the children put
money which they give for lunch or dinner at school I think that there
are such adults who encourage young people to smoke. They give then
cigarettes to try to smoke for the first time, then children ask those
to buy cigarettes to them, as the shop assistants have no right to sell for

children. Many children smoke at school during internals. If you want to
be healthy you mustn’t smoke, mustn’t drugs, alcohol. You must eat
good food and in for sports.

Places(lankytinos vietos)
There are many interesting places in Lithuanian. They Palanga, Šventoji,
Druskininkai, Birštonas, and also our native Anykščiai. The place which
Lithuanian people like most, is Palanga, because it is the biggest resort
near the Baltic sea. If guest comes from any European country, I first of
all will show my native town with its wonderful nature, museums, the river
Šventoji and lakes. I will tell him about local traditions, economical
festivals. Anykščiai is such a place, which attracts tourists by its
nature. All my life from childhood up till now I spent in my native town. I

think that Lithuanian is such a country where the life is interesting and

My mother does the shopping every day. I help her as the purchases are some
times heavy enough to carry home. Most often we visit the supermarket
where different departments are provided with various goods to anyone’s
and taste. We take a supermarket trolley and enter the first department
you can find veal, beef, pork and sausages. A little further the
section attracts your eyes with tins of any fish. You can buy some cottage
cheese, butter and cream in the dairy products department. The
section gives a great variety of vegetables and fruit. There are pots,
knives, forks, plates, frying-pans and other things in the household
department. Sometimes we are dissatisfied with goods we have bought in
the shops. In short it is better to buy things that are expensive but of a
quality. There are lots of other shops in the town. The footwear, cosmetics

and perfumery, ready-made clothes, haberdashery, textiles, sports goods
and some others. When each season goes to an end, the prices on goods
are reduced and everyone can buy his necessary things cheaper. You saved
money can be spent easily. On the whole, shopping requires much money.

The Baltic States admission NATO is currently the most pressing topic in
the Baltic. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It’s a
military alliance of Western nations for the purpose of collective defense.

It was established in nineteen forty nine. NATO’s member States are:
Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Island, Italy,
Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA.
Poland and Czech were admitted this year. In the Baltic States support
the program-“Partnership for Peace” to the Fullest extent, they will be
as well. Baltic military forces take part in NATO maneuvers and it’s a
benefit, as Baltic States want to be admitted as full members. There are
lots of
different opinions on what is better for a small country: to be a member of

military organization or to be a neutral country. There are various
of both. It’s said, that preparation of Lithuania to join NATO requires
eighth to ten millions Litas. That is why it would be more beneficial to
the economics of Lithuania, than to spend huge sums of money on joining
Moreover some people say, that the threat of war in only our imagination.
example, during the period 1944-1953 lots of men were killed, but it was
to confirm the act of independence. Meanwhile, in 1990 the independence was
without any war or guns. So, it would be better to spend money on solving
and economical problems than on joining NATO. In conclusion the opponents
of “Lithuanian in NATO” consider, that Lithuania should seeks to be a
country. The proponents of “Lithuania in NATO” suggest that joining NATO
would confirm the stability of Lithuania. Lithuania is tiny country and the

enemies can be too strong and powerful to fight with. So, NATO could help
in case in the threat of war.

Klausiamieji žodeliai
kada kaip kelias kiek(skaič) kiek(nesk) kieno koks kol kur
when how way how many how much whose what while where
kuris kas ką kam kodėl
which who what whom why

Pagalbiniai žodeliai
Am, is, are, was, were, do, does, did, have, has, had, will, would.

kantinijas laikai