anglu dialogas

– hello
– good afternoon. i haven`t seen for so long.
– yeh, me too. so tell me how you are .
– oh i`m fine. A week ago i had internet installed at my home. so now i`m very happy.
– i see. I would also like to have internet at home. but my parents don’t let me.
– my parents also objected to installing the internet. they said that it was very expensive but it’s not.
– but my parents dont let me install the net because they think it is noot good for my eyesight.
– so tell them that you really need it for your studies.
– ok i`ll try. it is really necessary for my studies. students, like us, spend much time sitting in front of a computer and doing homework.
– yes of course. there we can find much useful information and you dont have to leave home and sit long hours in a library.
– i agree with you and i think that the net should be installed at schools because sometimes the innformation available in libraries is not enough for completing variuous assignments.
– the internet is very useful but i have never thought how much time students spend surfing the net.
– me neither.
– i think about 4 hours per day.
– realy you think so? i disagree with yo

ou. i dont think it is that long. It takes me about two hours to do my homework without the net..
– but students use the net not only for homework or studies. they also spend much time playing games, chatting, writing e-mails or simply surfing the net for fun.
– yes i havent thought of that. i think that various chats, games, e-mails can become an addiction because those students who sit in front of a computer for long hours can forget to do their homework as a result of which their knowledge and marks can get worse (nukenteti mosklas).
– can we stop talking about the addiction? i think that games, chats and e-mails arent so bad . you can have some really good time suurfing the net.
– I guess you are right because you can make new friends on the net and later date them. and what about you? what do you think is the most popular search engine ?
– well there arent many. i prefer i can find everything i need there.
– i have heard about this search engine. and waht is your most favourite website
– well teenagers prefer websites like,, and others. there they can make new friends also they can communicate.
– I se
ee (aisku). i heard that some people buy clothes, shoes or any other things they need online. they also pay for variuous services, do job hunting,. do you do any of these?
– yes. once i bought a new dress but it was very expensive.
– someone told me that everything is rather costly on the net
– maybe you are right. okey i have to go. it was interesting to talk to you.

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