An Epic of survival

The story of Ernest Shackletons unsuccessful expedition to Antarctica in 1914 is one of the greatest in the history of exploration. On the expedition, Shackleton planned to cross Antarctica. But the ship, the Endurance became trapped in the ice when the sea froze just 100miles from the coast of Antarctica. He understood that the only thing they could do was to wait in hope that when the ice melted ship would survive intact. So the ship remained stuck in the ice for ten months. Shackleton released that he would have to keep his crew fit and in good spirit in case to survive. So he organized games of football, he paid great attention to his mens psychological condition, which get worse when the ice began to melt and it crushed the ship to pieces. Shackleton remained confident and optimistic. Then he decided another plan: to sail to the nearest piece of dry land, Elephant Island by 3 small boats saved from the endurance and later with one boat to reach South Georgia where was whaling station. And his plan succeeded and he rescued all his men. Shackleton was a man who knew how to motivate and inspire others.