Afrodite (roman Venus) at first was goddess of the sky, transmitter of the rain, also she was sea goddess too. In myths about Afrodite and in her cult of personality strongly displays eastern goddess Astarte`s cult. Eventually Afrodite became goddess of love. God of love Erot (roman Kupidon) is her son.

Battlefield is not a place for a giddy, capricious Afrodite. In hearts of Gods and people, she wakes love, and with that, controls the world. No one has ever resisted heer power, even the Gods. Only Atene, Hestia and Artemide disobey her. Tall, slim, with tender skin and face features, golden hair, that adorns her wonderful head; Afrodite is embodiment of beauty and eternal youth. When she walks, all in fragrance clothes, glowing her beauty, the sun shines brighter, the flowers blossom beautifully around her. From the backwoods wild animals haste towards Afrodite, birds in flocks fly to her. Lions, panthers, bears obedient snuggle up to her. Calmly steps Afrodite ammong wild animals, proud of her glittering beauty. She is accompanied by Horas and Charites, goddesses of beauty and grace, which dress her with sumptuous clothes, comb her golden hair, crown her head with sparkling diadem.

Afrodite-the daughter of Uranus, was bo

orn from whitest sea foam, not far away from Kitera`s island. Tender wind carried her to Cyprus. That’s why she often is called Cypriote. When the goddess of love rose from the sea, young Horas surrounded her. They covered her with clothes of gold, adorned her head with wreath. Amazing Afrodite came to Olympus. Gods happily welcomed her. From that time, Golden Afrodite, eternal beauty, the most charming of all Gods, always live between Olympian Gods.

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