advantages and disadvantages to live in small or big city

Nowadays there are a lot of places to live. we have choice to live in the villages, small towns and big cities. ofcourse more people live in the big cities but it doesn’t mean that your life is much better there.

Main industrial, economic, shoping and technique centers are in the big cities because population level is much higher there. high role for living place size plays its age, much older town is much bigger then the younger one. So if th

here are more place to live there live more people. if there are more people also there are more work. so that is one of the mainest advantage to live in the big city. ofcourse there are more places to go, for peaceful(theaters, parks, cinemas) or energetic(clubs, discos, pubs) relaxation. however everybody knows that in the big cities littering, pollution of enviroment, noise are the biggest problems. there are and higher criminal level. so these are the mainest disadvantages of li
iving in the big cities.

As it is not strange in the small cities everything on the contrary. if we had lot of noise, littering, pollution of enviroment so in the small cities dominates cleanliness, fresh air and silence. without any fe
ear you can go for a walk at midnight and not to be afraid of criminals. but of course there aren’t much places to go and spend free time. with job is the same problem.

People who live in the big cities goes of having a rest to small towns and people who live in small towns goes to the big cities for relaxation also.