Advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets

There is a wide variety of opinions about supermarkets. Some people can find a lot of positive points, but others believe that it is better to go to the traditional shops. In this essay I will discuss both points of view and express my opinion on the subject.
The main advantage is that you can find everything under one vast roof because supermarkets offer a great selection of goods. It helps when people want to buy a lot of things and saves their time because there is no need to visit more than one shop. Equally important is that you can find a lot of sales. Very often supermarkets offer seasonal discounts like Christmassy, paschal and so on. Besides, our supermarkets offer discount cards and a lot of lotteries where you can win valuable prizes. Finally, they are self-service. You take a trolley and leisurely go and pick goods from the shelves. You don’t have to be in a hurry, so you can thoroughly look at the goods and pick something from a wide selection.
One the other hand, shopping in supermarkets can be annoying because there is a big choice which can cause people’s confusion. People often buy unnecessary things because of a good price or attractive packing. This is called impulse buying. Moreover, though supermarkets offer quite cheep prices, as a result the goods disappoint us with bad quality. Sometimes customers don’t pay attention to a label with a sight “second class”. It means, for example, that fruits and vegetables have been grown using a lot of chemicals. They don’t contain any vitamins or minerals, which are necessary for our health. And lastly, some people hate shopping in supermarkets because of a lot of pushing and shoving, especially during festivals time.
All things considered, I would like to express my opinion which is rather positive. I think that supermarkets are great discovery, which really provide convenient and speedy shopping. Each person can choose a shop according to their needs and habits.