Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In The Countryside

In our days living in the countryside is becoming a common phenomenon.Of course this way of living has some negative and positive sides.
The main disadvantage of living of living in the countryside is that the place of living can be far from city center and it can take much time to get the help if it happens an accident.Also people who likes gaiety can be discontentet of living ine the countryside,because there are no discos,restaurants,cafes or clubs.Finally there is persuasive argument about the living in the countryside is that it can be difficult to get to school for children.
On the other hand the positive role of living in the countryside pertain for people who likes quiet nooks and silence.Moreover in the countryside are allways fresh air and no car-fumes,so people ,for example,who has the asthma can not be afraid for theirs health.Besides people can enjoy to listening of birds chirpping in the mornings and can indulge of fresh grown vegetables or fruits.
Taking everything into account there are as many advantages as disadvantages of living in the countryside.So you can allways choose to savour the pleasures of country or city life.