Advantages and disadvantages of living in cities


Advantages and disadvantages of living in cities

Nowadays most people prefer living in the city. However, there are still many people who prefer living in the village. So which place is better to live? Let`s think about advantages and disadvantages of living in cities.

I would like to start with advantages of the big cities. In the city you don`t have to go for shopping by car or bus; you have supermarket nearby your home and you can do the shopping veery quickly. Living in a city can give a chance of getting a proper education because most of the good and famous universiteis are situated in big sities. A city provides more opportunities to find a job with good salary. In the city are a big offer how to spend free time. There are a lot of threatres,concerts and other ways of entertainment. There is always a lot to do and visit!

However, without realizing it, there are many disadvantages for liiving in the city. This is because the people living in the city have a hectic lifestyle and the city is often flooded by criminal cases and pollution. In the village aren`t so many people or they usually know each ot

ther well. Life in the countryside is more peaceful and the life is also slower. So the city is very pooluted, there are lots of crimes and people living in the city are very hectic.

There is a tendency in the modern society to leave the village and migrate to city. More and more people, especially young ones, decide to live in large cities rather than in villages. But in my oppinion, living in the village is better than living in the cities, because people in the village are quite different than people who live in cities: they are relaxed, friendly. In the village you can breathe fresh air, you can grow natural vegetables or you can go to the forest. I think that the problem if crime isn`t so bigi n the village. So I like village and I think better and healthy life is in the village.

In conclusion, some people prefer living in the city because of modern things. On the other hand, some people prefer living in the countryside of slow life. I think that every person can choose where he want to live, because and cities and villages haves their advantages and disadvantages.

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