Advantages and disadvantages of joining NATO

Nowadays, many people are afraid of joining NATO, because most of them do not even know what it is and cannot imagine their life in NATO.

Some people, most of them older, think that NATO will protect us from imaginable future aggression from Russia and they are half-right. NATO is a shortcut of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is supposed to help every country that is being attacked not even physically, but also politically. Of course, after joining NATO Lithuania will beecome further familiar with other NATO countries.

On the other hand, Lithuania will have to spend more money on our army in order to be strong enough to help others too. More often than not Lithuania will have to send its own soldiers into war abroad to support others. Moreover, the relatives would not be so happy to let their children or men go to war and especially in other countries.

Therefore, we can see that NATO has both advantages and disadvantages. Hoowever, it is Lithuanians, who have to decide what is better – to join NATO, or not.

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