Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

I consider that it’s very difficult to be a famous person, because than you have no your personal (asmeninis) life, for example politics, singers, actors, models, sportsmen and other. We know a lot about them: their love romances, where and when they are having holidays, about their bad habits (iprociai) like alcoholism, drugs [drags] (narkotikai) or even what they are eating.
Last summer I was in Germany. When I bought [bo:t] a newspaper or magazine there, I couldn’t find anything else except such articles like: “Is it the same person? “. There were photos of famous persons but in one picture they look good and in another they look like every day – without make up. Nearly all the magazines contain (apima, turi savyje ar pan.) the same things – world stars! I think that in Lithuania there is a better situation because in our magazines I see more interesting things. It’s a very big event when our famous peeople behave badly, but we don’t think about our bad behaviors. Sometimes we are also drunk when we are in nightclub, sometimes we have problems with police. Our stars are persons like anyone of us. They have the same problems, bu

ut their problems are known and analyzed by almost everyone in the country. One of advantages is that the famous people live well. They get a lot of money, honor, preference (pirmenybe). So they can do charitable work. Also they can get anything what they need. The last but not the worst advantage is that they are invited in the most famous events.
So, summing up everything, I want to say that it is very difficult to be famous because than you are in the centre of press regard (spaudos demesys). They notice every step you take, every move you make. At any moment newsmen can take a picture of you and next day you can see yourself in newspaper orr magazine. I think it’s very disgusting (bjauru).

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