“A Report” about Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, situated in the south-east of the republic. The aim of this report is to show how things have changed in the last few years: roads, number of cars, public transport.There are several good things about transport system in Vilnius. First, it has got a modernised railway station and airport. Trains are regular and in addition there is a frequent service at weekends and at holiday times.There is a good bus and trolleybus service in Vilnius to all parts of the town. The bus fares are also quite cheap.There are special places for bicycles rides but there are not many bicycles and not many people use them.However there are many disadvantages which could be improved. A main road goes through the town center. It causes a lot of pollution. Also a lot of heavy traffic comes through the town. That’s why there are a lot of car and lorry accidents so people injured or killed.Although there is a bicycle track in the center of town but it is dangerous to ride a bike in the center because of heavy traffic.The council needs to do something better for people. He shouldn’t just sit!